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Hey! I'm Lukas

Not a Master, Not a Sage: Forever a Student

Who am I?

Lukas Resheske

As a born-and-raised Air Force brat, I learned how important it was to adapt to my travels and make friends quickly.


I grew up as a speech and debate champion, and learned to convince hard-nosed judges that my ideas were viable (and better than the opposition)


And now as a veteran Army Officer, I realize that focus, discipline, and leadership don’t matter at all IF you can’t communicate your mission effectively.

Alongside my partner, I’m proud to have created an international business that impacts people around the globe, transforming the lives of the copywriters I train and driving massive scale and business growth for clients: 


  • Our world-class mentorship program has placed graduates into prestigious, high-paying copywriter positions.

  • Our exclusive private client list, including Inc 500 companies is generating record-smashing campaigns.

  • Our in-demand internal team trainings for mid-sized marketing departments are improving conversions, instilling best practices into email marketing and paid traffic staff, and generating more bottom-line profit per quarter than ever before.

“So Lukas, how did you get started in all this?”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been asking questions to understand people.  I wanted to know... why do people do what they do?  Why do some people struggle to communicate their ideas, while others seem to effortlessly sell anything they want?


I gave up the security of a predestined career in the military, and began working with clients and getting one-off gigs to grow my skills as a marketer, strategist, and copywriter.


I later coined the term “Armchair Copywriter” because I noticed the trend of “talkers vs. doers” in the world of persuasive advertising.  In my years mastering my craft, I noticed that people who started before me weren’t changing at all.  It’s easy to talk about the craft... it’s harder to do it and learn the nuances of modern copywriting.

Between the high-tempo world of an Army Officer, to the jet-set lifestyle of a start-up entrepreneur... to being one of the top freelance copywriters for hire, and founding a highly regarded “trade school” for professional advertising copywriters, one thing has stood out:

I believe you can change the world through communication

The best ideas won’t even be a blip on the radar without the right message promoting them, and that starts with you.


That includes your unique voice, your personality, and even your sense of humor.  I believe that whether you run your own business, work as a freelancer or as an in-house talent, your success starts with your ability to communicate.


The world is overrun with talented, ambitious people who have great ideas... but can’t share them effectively in ways other people can understand and support, and therefore they never go anywhere.


But when you combine talent + greats ideas + the ability to inspire interest and action... you can change the world.  Like some of the people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with.


Josh Turner
CEO for one of Inc. 5000's 
Fastest Growing Companies!  

Lukas Resheske did more than write great copy. He was a creative partner in the whole process. He came up with our big idea and core premise... which was an anchor for our entire marketing campaign.

Oren Klaff
Author of "Pitch Anything"
& Raised over $1B in Capital.

Lukas Resheske's workshop in Marina del Rey was amazing! I immediately put everything to work. Lukas really knows what he is doing. This is a no fluff- leave with results kind of workshop.

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
Special Guest on the
e Harvey Show

The sales letters and videos that Lukas created  for us literally produced over millions of dollars in revenue. So I'd say that's a thumbs up!  Lukas is just NEXT LEVEL when is comes to the whole picture and what it takes to develop a high converting project.

Which brings me to you...

Whether you’re starting or growing your business, looking to hire high-quality copywriters, or even thinking about becoming a copywriter yourself, I’m here to help you reach the highest level of success as you define it for yourself.

My goal is to provide the best information, insight, and mentorship possible, based on my own personal experience and insider data collected from the clients that I’ve worked with.

Lukas Resheske

I’m open to speaking at your event, discussing your next marketing campaign, training your team in copywriting, or just grabbing a beer next time you’re in Los Angeles.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I’m excited to meet you and I’m looking forward to our success together.

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Lukas Resheske Copywriting
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