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It's important that the people who are looking to create new opportunities for themselves (but can't afford to buy the content they need to succeed) to have access to my quality content without having to do so illegally or by putting themselves at risk for scams. That's why I've made the first iteration of my freelancer copywriting and mentorship courses available for FREE on YouTube. 


Unfortunately not everyone has the means to purchase online learning opportunities and they often become victims of illegal sites that offer pirated content. Most of the time these pirated courses are missing important materials and share incomplete learning modules that are necessary for personal growth and content comprehension. 

You can't get rid of all the bad people in this world who steal from others and scam people... BUT- you can reward the honorable individuals who want to live a successful life by providing legit value to their clients. 

I encourage you to go through my content and take the time to actually LEARN the craft of copywriting. Ask questions and take action- apply what you've learned. Expect failure along the way, but you can learn to adapt and make adjustments until you succeed. 

Remember that those who are successful now.. had to fail multiple times in the past.

I wish you the best and hope you find my courses valuable and helpful on your journey. I've spent many years learning the craft of copywriting and I've put a lot of hard work into creating my courses so other people can succeed in the craft too.

"A study titled "Digital Bait" from the Digital Citizens Alliance showed that visiting content theft sites – websites devoted to illegally distributing movies, music, books or other copyrighted content – was a major source for infecting computers with dangerous malware that can lead to identity theft and other serious crimes."

For a safer learning experience, you can access my courses for FREE with the button below. 

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