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  • Can I join your mentorship waitlist?
    Yes, you can request to join via the contact form.
  • How do you train marketing teams in copywriting?
    I have a proprietary curriculum, but it’s always tailored to the company’s needs. You email and we can talk about my system.
  • What are your rates for speaking?
    Assuming the dates are open in my schedule, my fees cover my keynote and also include business class round trip airfare and upscale accommodations if the event is more than 9 hours long. For smaller masterminds or longer events, please send a request and we’ll have a chat. Or text me at 323-657-7862 to discuss rates.
  • I’m looking to hire a junior copywriter for my team, how can I get in touch with one of your students?"
    Email me: and let me know the specs of the position (including compensation, hours, project types, and remote/in-house, and I’ll put you in touch with a writer that fits your criteria.
  • When is your next Copywriting Mentorship Program?
    Please email for more details.
  • I need support for a course I purchased, who do I contact?"
    If you need help with accessing any of my courses and offers, please email and our assistant will get you set up.
  • Are you interested in an affiliate partnership?
    Please email to discuss your ideal offer.
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