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3 Days in Marina del Rey 

If you have a sticky marketing problem OR you want to completely dominate your competition with cutting-edge strategies...you need to book an off-site Business Accelerator session with Lukas today.  


For 3 days, Lukas will dive deep into your business, dissect your current strategies, and create an actionable, industry dominating game-plan that you can immediately implement.  

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Oren Klaff,  CEO & Author of "Pitch Anything"

No more than 25 people means that you'll have the attention and care you deserve.

You'll be able to dive deep into your questions without feeling rushed.


You'll get one-on-one attention & you'll develop meaningful relationships with your team or new peers. 

You'll definitely be working hard and building up a big appetite!


We'll be eating haute cuisine at instagram-famous restaurants around Marina del Rey and Venice!

If weather permits (99.99% sure it will be sunny and beautiful) 

We'll discuss projects and tactics while sipping champaign on a luxurious brunch cruise in the Marina. 

Work can be enjoyable after all!

 Did you know?

Marina del Rey is only 15 minutes from the LAX airport!

This make it incredibly 
convenient for your travel to and from this beautiful destination.  

There are plenty of places to see and visit in the Los Angeles area.


If you have a local destination in mind, be sure to let us know!


My team will be happy to make arrangements where possible. 

You'll be doing real work and completing your projects LIVE. 

This won't be another "brainstorming" seminar with nothing to show for. 

We'll discuss your workload before your arrival.