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How To Instantly Attract 10-20 New, Highly Qualified Leads Per Day Using LinkedIn

November 1, 2016



Life (and business) tends to get chaotic.  We have no control over 99% of what occurs to us…around us…or as a result of other’s actions.  That’s usually enough to keep most people stuck, pissed off, and scared to move forward.    


But let’s be honest…that’s not why we’re here.       


We didn’t choose to write copy, work with clients, make our own schedules, or create freedom and income in our lives because we were afraid to move forward.  


So how do you move forward?  In my opinion…it’s about adaptability.


As a copywriter, you already adapt to the market, the product, and the offer.  It’s no different in building your business.  Right now, there are tactics and strategies that are less effective than they used to be.  Maybe it’s because the market caught up and got saturated.  Maybe the market shifted and now wants something else.     


Doesn’t matter WHY it moved…all that matters is WHAT TO DO NOW.         


Hense…the topic of this month’s newsletter.             

Facebook organic posting in groups is becoming less effective over time.  The quality of content needs to be higher to get the same response…the frequency of posting needs to be higher to get the same attention…and the competition is more fierce due to saturation and copycatting.            


So…we pivot.  We adapt.  That adaptation, for now, is turning to other platforms to create Outbound lead opportunities.             

Recently I finished writing a product launch for client, who owns LinkedSelling and Linked University.  His product has some awesome results, and the research we did for the launch led me to investigate LinkedIn more thoroughly as a lead source for my own business…and what I found is truly exciting.             

LinkedIn has over 450 Million users…which is tiny compared to Facebook’s 1.79 Billion.  BUT…the type of person on LinkedIn is much more exciting.  They are all professionals…people looking to hire, be hired, sell, be sold, and do business.  Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is a tool that many people use and respond to actively.  Try getting people to like your status on Facebook…you’ll be lucky to get a 1% response.  But most users on LinkedIn receive a notification AND an email every time their messaged or interacted with on the platform…creating multiple opportunities for them to see your offer or outreach.   


Most of you are contacting business owners, entrepreneurs, or CEO’s.  Even if you’re contacting bigger companies and looking for Directors of Marketing or VP’s of Sales, you’ll find your people more often on LinkedIn.             

Then, it’s a simple matter of connecting with them, messaging them, and getting them into sales conversations.             

This is a strategy I’ve seen developed by Josh and another LinkedIn Expert named Kent Littlejohn.  I’ve modified it slightly to make more sense for copywriters AND to avoid some of the issues that Kent and Josh are having with their own systems.          


Let’s jump in.  The strategy has a few steps. 

1.     Profile Overhaul 

2.     Strategic Connections 

3.     Low Barrier Communication Plan 

4.     Direct Sales Conversation Profile Overhaul 

– Going from Resume to Sales Letter The #1 issue people have on LinkedIn is that they’re treating their personal profile like a resume. Problem is…nobody gives a damn about your resume.  They never have.  Never will.   Instead, they need to see something that matters to THEM.  Copywriting 101.  Luckily, we have skill here that most don’t.  And we’ll use that to our advantage.  First, we have to look at how people will see us and experience our profile from the top…all the way down. Usually, that means they see your Profile Photo, your Headline, and your Summary. 

We’ll be using Kent’s profile to model off of for this strategy, so check it out here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/klittlejohn Starting with your Profile Photo, you want to come off as professional and approachable, while still being true to your personality. The angle of the camera should be slightly above your head, looking down.  No low angle shots.  Ideally, the angle of your photo should be off-centered, with your head turned to face the camera.    


To accomplish this, take your smartphone, and hold it directly in front of your face in “landscape” mode (The long, horizontal way, not the vertical way).  Then move your arm at a 45 degree angle to whichever side you’re holding the phone in.  Then raise the phone about a foot above your face, angling it down slightly so you’re still centered in the shot. Why so specific?  Because copywriters suck at selfies.  No mug shots…people don’t trust other people who look like criminals. Smile slightly and look directly at the camera lens, not at your mug in the camera. Take the time to put on a nice collared shirt, and a blazer if you have it.  Comb your hair.  Wash your face.  Shave or trim your beard or put on makeup.  This is the first thing every potential client will see…so don’t ruin it with a kid’s toy in the background or looking like you rolled out of bed. If you want to go the extra mile, you can edit the photo using a free photo editor tool at “pixlr.com.” It’s like a lightweight Photoshop.  Just remember…simple is better. Now…on to your Headline. You’ve got a limited amount of space to convince any prospect to pay attention to you and read further…just like any other headline.  Knowing this, you’ll want to dig into your ideal prospect’s pain points and their awareness level. Since we’ll be using an Outbound strategy at first, you’ll want to create a headline that immediately shows them that you’re a service provider capable of creating advertising that sells their products effectively. This is where your individual niche is going to come into play.  If you haven’t chosen a niche yet…go back to the membership site content and re-watch the 90 Day Copywriter’s Playbook and the $10k Fast webinar…and maybe even Module 8 of the Mentorship program.  It’s THAT important. Your headline is going to attract and entice your ideal client.  

So…if you’re looking to write Nutraceutical copy, you’ll be speaking directly to supplement and health product owners, and they’ll be at Level 1 or 2 Awareness of your services. Your headlines will look something like this; “Want To [Goal] Through Direct Response Advertising? [Marquee Result(s)] Message Me!” or  “Looking To [Outcome/Result]?  I’ve [Marquee Results] For [#] of [Industry] Clients.  Message Me To Discuss A Project” At the risk of becoming formulaic, put some thought and creativity into this headline.  Make sure it reflects your desired clientele AND their awareness level. If you’re choosing NOT to niche down like I told you to, then you’d be talking with a more Outcome and Result focused headline. Things like, “Trying To Sell Online…But Nothing Is Working? I Help Online Businesses Convert More Customers – Over [#] Success Stories! Message Me To Discuss A Project] Obviously, your headline will differ.  You’ll want to highlight the target market’s problems and then offer a solution in the form of contacting you about projects.  Very direct, but very professional.  Remember…the headline isn’t designed to them to reach out immediately…it’s to get them to continue reading. The next component is your Summary. This is your sales letter.  Starting from the level of awareness your headline attracted (and assuming that you’ve directly reached out to this person to connect, and they’re reviewing your profile) you want to influence the prospect to take action and respond to your message. Long term, this Summary is also going to be pulling double duty by getting organic traffic to reach out to you directly. But for now, it’s designed to influence and educate the person you reached out to that you’re the real deal and professional. Again, use Kent’s profile as an example.  Don’t copy it exactly…he’s selling a different thing than we are.  But the flow, style, and tone have proven effective. If you need a general template, then use this: 

1 – What I Do In 20 Words Or Less 

2 – End Desire of the prospect (more leads, more sales, more traffic, etc) 

3 – Major problems in the industry 

4 – How I solve those problems 

5 – Contact me to discuss your project 

6 – Urgency/Scarcity (ex. “I typically have 30-50 messages per month and I only work with 2 people at a time, so please contact me urgently if you’d like to discuss a project”) Cool, that’s step 1. Honestly, it’s the most work, but it’s worth the most.   

Step 2 is simple: search for your ideal prospect and then Connect with them. This is where you’ll dive into LinkedIn’s search feature and start looking for demographic data aligned with your target market.   I’d suggest looking for titles like Founder, CEO, Principal, Director, and other titles of primary authority.  Remember, you’re looking for smaller businesses, usually, but they all still like to use those titles.  Others include things like Entrepreneur, etc. Then you’re looking for industry.  Only you know what this is, but make sure to search for ancillary markets (markets that are connected to your primary but not necessarily the same, like Sports Drinks if you’re a Supplement writer) and Broad markets (markets that contain your market among others, like “Health” if you’re a Supplement writer) Once you’ve found a good list of potential prospects…start connecting.  Just hit the button.  You’ll probably be prompted to give a reason why…just pick “we’ve done business.” Also, it will let you write a message to them.  Instead of the LinkedIn stock message, write an extremely small blurb of your own to copy/paste for everyone.  I’d suggest something like, “Hi, Name…saw you were in {industry} and thought we should connect.  Thanks!” Do this to 100-200 people a day.  More, if you have time. 

Step 3 – Low Barrier Communication Plan This is also very simple.  For every person who agrees to connect with you, you’re going to ask them a series of questions to see how hot of a prospect they are for your services. These questions are the “greased slide” that will allow you to find the best prospects. You’ll want to write your own versions of these questions, but here’s the general outline: 

Q1 – What business are you in? 

Q2 – Are you working on any marketing projects? 

Q3 – How are you selling the product? 

Q4 – Would you want to hear some ideas I have to help? 

Then, once they’ve answered the questions, you’ll get them on the phone and close them using the 11 Authority questions and generating desire to work with you. That’s also Step 4, coincidentally. Your main goal is NOT to engage in conversation on LinkedIn…your goal is to get them on a phone call. If their answer to Q2 is good enough to warrant a phone call, just say that.  “Ok, great…I have some great ideas for that.  Want to set up a call this week to discuss?” or “Ok, great…I just finished a project that was doing the same thing.  Want to set up a call this week to see if there is any synergy?” That’s it.  

Optimize your profile to look like a Sales letter, not a Resume…connect with prospects…message them…and get them on the phone. Simple, yet DEADLY effective.  I’ve seen people pull in jobs within hours of starting this process. Don’t ignore it because it’s outside the box…this has the potential to become a 6 figure income stream on its own, it only takes a few hours of work initially and a few minutes a day to work. 

Here’s your homework: Update your LinkedIn Profile using the tactics above.

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How To Instantly Attract 10-20 New, Highly Qualified Leads Per Day Using LinkedIn

November 1, 2016

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