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The BEST Copywriters Swear By This

August 2, 2017


Daily Handwritten Assignments: http://swiped.co


Select any piece of copy to handwrite into a notebook for 30 Minutes MAX. Do this everyday (Monday through Friday) for 6 weeks. Swiped.co is a great place to find copy, however feel free to get your copy samples from anywhere. 


Why do we do this? 


You may have heard that hand-writing sales copy every day is a 'waste of time' or 'just given to junior writers to haze them'


But I'm going to set the record straight.


There's a right way and a wrong way to look at hand-writing.


The wrong way is to assume that the only thing you need to do to get good at copywriting is to hand-write an entire sales letter every day until your fingers fall off.


Getting good at copywriting is like practicing anything else: you need to actively engage in it every day, you need to receive feedback from your efforts, and you need to be taught proven principles from a knowledgeable teacher.


My mentorship program uses hand-writing sales copy as one tool among many to accelerate your learning process.


But we do it differently, and based on decades of copywriter's anecdotal evidence AND dozens of studies in the field of neuroscience and psychology, we've come up with the best model to use.


Every week day, you're going to be hand-copying a successful sales piece from your chosen niche for 30 minutes. You'll stop after 30 minutes no matter how far you got in the letter.




Several reasons.


#1 - hand-writing has been scientifically proven to improve memory and comprehension of information.


#2 - 30 minutes is a doable amount of time for anyone. It's long enough to create a learning effect, but short enough that it's unavoidable or unskippable to anyone who's dedicated.


#3 - the first 2 pages or 2 minutes of any sales message is the most important, and you'll finish that portion in 30 minutes every time. So you'll be actively engaging your brain and conditioning yourself to understand and see the most important part of the sales copy in your niche.


#4 - Hundreds of copywriters over decades, each worth Billions in sales, have recommended hand-copying of successful sales pieces as a means to learn the craft. I would personally challenge anyone who doesn't think it's important to show me the hundreds of millions in results they've gotten to prove their point.


The 30 minute daily conditionings are a small but essential part of my course. Every student who's gotten massive results has completed each one. Every student who's stopped doing them has either quit the program entirely or not completed it satisfactorily.


My recommendation is to put time in your schedule RIGHT NOW to do these. Make them a habit. At the end of 6 weeks, you'll know why everyone has recommended it.


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