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"Not only was Lukas' presentation fantastic and informative, and full of extra tips on DO's & Don'ts and "gotchas" for our team, it was lively and interactive!"

Audio Seminars Now Available!  



  • How To Use ‘Old School’ Marketing To Reach Today’s Omni-Channel Audiences:

7 Strategies Learned from $150M Sales.

Technology changes every day, but people rarely change.  The core of what drives human behavior has been hard-wired into us for 200,000 years.  With that said, it's important to use new technology to its fullest potential when appealing to these ancient, constant behaviors.  I've distilled 7 key strategies from over $150M in client campaigns and I share them in this presentation.


  • Burnout Generation: How To Survive And Thrive In Today’s Business World

Today’s entrepreneur and employee have something in common - burnout.  It’s a phenomenon that has caught businesses unaware, causing hundreds of billions in lost productivity and employee churn.  Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Sociologists have illuminated new research that shows several key ways Burnout can be diagnosed, treated, and eliminated to create happier, more productive, more stable employees AND great more business results for ambitious entrepreneurs.

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